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Volume 2, Number 14

"I actually think that Bush is the greatest threat to life on this planet that we've most probably ever seen. The policies he is initiating will doom us to extinction."
- Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London (source)

Changing the focus of NBY to what I do best. Or, at least, better than some of the other things I do.

by Rob McGrath

I put my first editorial cartoon online just about a year ago. I created this page expressly to showcase the 'toons, and the first couple updates were sporadic.

But then a very un-funny thing happened; George W. Bush decided to invade a sovereign nation, without provocation. Despite the pleadings/urgings/demands of the United Nations and lots of people far more learned than he, Bush forged ahead and got the United States stuck neck-deep in his (and his Poppy's) personal doo-doo.

It got me motivated to do more editorial cartoons, and soon my web page had morphed into a cartoon with a couple headlines, to a full-blown web page with, ugh, CONTENT! Content I had to come up with every time I did a new cartoon. I began spending as much time researching updates to the site as I was on my cartoons. Worse still, I was finding no time at all for my comic strip, HOO Cares! just at the time the Medicare debate was heating up.

HOO Cares! is a very comic, if I do say so myself. I really need to devote more time to finding it wide distribution, and so, I present the new, streamlined version of Not Banned Yet. I will now focus almost exlusively on new politcal cartoons and artwork. I think my new "home," Democratic Underground, and many other hard core poli sites, are doing fantastic jobs getting the word out. I am not worthy, and therefore, I am going to let the heavy hitters hit heavy, and I'm gonna draw cartoons.

Not a bad deal for either of us, if I do say so myself!

A new design is done, but all the links have not yet been tested. I was holding off since Thanksgiving posting new 'toons, because I wanted to wait for the redesign. I decided to take the pressure off myself, and just post the new 'toon on the mostly-old layout. Check back in a few days. Maybe I'll finally have it done! In the meantime, this site and my cartoons are what I "do." If you enjoy them, please consider a cash donation, or a purchase from my store (it's not all polititcs!).

Thanks for your continued support, and here's hoping you and yours have a safe, peaceful holiday season!

Everything else on the page changed...I left this the same. You know, for comfort reasons. Too much change scares people.

RMcG Fund raising Central

Hey, the numbers don't lie! This isn't a Diebold voting machine...my site is getting a lot more traffic recently, and I sure could use some help keeping it updated. Much needed software and hardware upgrades, and some Starburst Jelly Beans every now and then...that's all I ask. Please consider a donation to this site!

I mentioned in a previous issue that I was going to be offering original artwork with you donation. I am still doing that, but the time it takes to set up the pages has been more than I have available.

If you are interested in giving on my original signed cartoons to your favorite political junkie, please e-mail me and indicate the title of the cartoon (or the issue title). I'll let you know if it is available, how much of it is available (some are complete, detailed ink drawings...others are rough, minimal linework), and framing and shipping options, and finally, prices.

If you'd prefer to just make a donation, you may certainly do so. Any donation over $35 will get you signed, hi-res printout of any cartoon, suitable for framing; just e-mail me your PayPal or Amazon confirmation number, your mailing address, and what cartoon you'd like.

Get my original sketches and ink drawings with your donation to NBY!

For some of the cartoons, at some donation levels, I am going to offer fancy framing, like this mock-up at right. The original, signed ink drawing, matted and displayed alongside a high resolution, full color print of the finished cartoon

You can consider it a donation, or just an outright sale...for a matted, framed, signed piece such as this one, the first donation over $500 takes it. If you like image, but not the price, consider a signed edition for $225.

Keep in mind, prices will vary. Some of these cartoons have three or four work-up drawings and pencil sketches. These are negotiable, and options can be discussed if you would like to send an inquiry. Unframed, raw sketches are available, too, for you to take to your favorite framer. Gallery and agent inquiries are welcome, too! - RMcG

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