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Many of these original ink and pencil drawings are for sale, framed and specially matted with the rough pencil sketches.
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1- Oh, man, I got this idea...: This is a sloppy one, but not atypical of the pencil sketches (Strathmore Recycled),

2- Line dancing: black Pitt brush-tip pen on Canson vellum, scanned at 600 dpi.

This is the fun part...find the places in the drawing that I altered in Photoshop (like the obvious license plate). Some of my drawings are altered a lot. This was not, however, a couple of the changes that were made are pretty major, and should be easy to spot.

3- I like to color!

I usually concentrate on individual elements while I color, to help keep the light and shadows consistent. Here, the back window is painted in, but I hadn't yet painted in the front windshield...that was another layer. This looks flat, but there were about a dozen layers for things like the glass and smoke transparencies (neither of which are visible in the image above).

4- (Below) The devil is in the details.

I draw these with the intention (hope) that they will be published in a slick newsmag or maybe on a poster, so they're done at a fairly high resolution (600 dpi). There is a lot of detail in there that will just never show up on your computer screen. This detail shows the front nameplate and grime, the engine parts, the dust and specks on the windsheild, the inspection sticker, the license plate...even W's pupils!

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